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New employee orientation building courage

A good and solid orientation process makes a new employee feel welcome and thus, gives the courage to start performing on the new job right from the start.

Published : 18.03.2021

It will soon be two years since I joined my current workplace. Looking back and reflecting on my memories of the very beginning, I still remember how nervous I was during the first days. My experience is that new employee orientation, the getting to know the job, the tasks, the colleagues and the meaning of the organisation, cannot be emphasised enough. Same goes for the braveness and the attitude of the one starting a new job.

Social support

During the first day, there was both anxiety and a lot to absorb. Personally, I think the social support I received had the best effect on reducing my stress. I was assigned a peer mentor, who played a big role in helping me to socialise, to feel at home, to find my way around. My mentor also actively encouraged me to ask questions and try things out, thus boosting my confidence.

Meeting new people is a daunting task and the orientation helped me to build up the courage to gradually seek to meet more new colleagues. The encouragement I received, gave me self-confidence, which contributed in building a nicely growing collegial network from day one.

Solid process

A good and solid orientation process made this new employee feel welcome and it gave me the courage to perform on the new job right from the start. During my orientation, I felt that the new organisation and my colleagues cared and were keen on providing me the information I needed to do my job well.

I was also provided with realistic information and thus avoided unrealistic expectations. I received just enough and gradual information in a single day, not to feel overwhelmed or to suffer from information overload. Clear instructions, explanations and the chance to pilot the software and the tools in use, gave me all I needed to jump straight in and start working.

The process was also very interactive from start to beginning. I also had the opportunity to spend quality time with my new colleagues who had added some fun elements into the mix.

Building engagement

I believe that new employee orientation is important. A good process encourages the new person to adapt faster to the job and to start contributing to the organisation. The key factors of success are in receiving an adequate introduction, meeting the right people and getting the correct tools to quickly become a productive employee.

The best orientation makes a new employee feel welcomed, a part of something bigger, encouraged and boosted with courage and feeling self-confident.