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About eSignals

Haaga-Helia opens doors to future careers. eSignals, on the other hand, describes what the world of work looks like from our experts’ point of view and to what direction we are taking it.

What is service design and why everyone should know about it? What is going on in sales, marketing and business? What are we talking about when we talk about university pedagogy?
What does entrepreneurship look like in the 2020s?

eSignals is Haaga-Helia’s online journal, where our experts discuss current topics from their own fields in an interesting and effective way.
eSignals presents what Haagahelians study, search and develop. We also describe in a concrete way how a university of applied sciences together with businesses develop education and the surrounding society.

Welcome to contribute!

We publish new blog posts, podcasts and videos continuously. In addition, about four times a year, we publish themed issues.

The publications are mostly written by Haaga-Helia’s experts, who write on their own or in a team of experts. We also publish students’ articles and other publications related to marketing of education.

Articles submitted by Haaga-Helia’s experts are processed in eSignals’ editorial committee. The editorial committee verifies that the article fulfils the publication criteria set by the Ministry of Education and Culture and can be reported to publication data collection in category E (publications intended for the general public).

Submit your article for evaluation by sending it to or You can also give feedback and propose a topic or a theme for a publication.