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Global Signals 1/2021
Question: What will the new university alliance bring?

What will Ulysseus European University offer to students, staff members and business partners of the alliance universities?


Published : 15.04.2021

Kitte Marttinen, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

“We are in a special position as one of the only three
Finnish universities of applied sciences who have joined
European University Alliances. This will enable Haaga-Helia
to participate in building up the European Education Area.
From a Finnish perspective, our membership in the Ulysseus
alliance will promote internationalisation but also have a significant impact on regional development, which is one of the core tasks of universities of applied sciences. At Haaga-Helia, we implement thisthrough co-operation with business, of which we can also share our experiences with our alliance partners.”

Carmen Vargas, University of Seville, Spain

“Ulysseus European University is an opportunity for its partner universities to transform for the better and contribute to the European society. Our people, our citizens – the centre of our activity – will boost our cities’ and regions’ economy and society as well as enhance European values and identity. At the core of the Ulysseus mission are mobility, new flexible and digital training formats, and networking for students, staff and associated partners. The high impact on education, research and innovation will contribute to a better European future.”

Cora Mantel, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

“At MCI, we are already fortunate to be located in the European region of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino and connected with over 300 partner universities around the world. The Ulysseus alliance will nevertheless offer students, staff and partner companies entirely new opportunities for collaboration in excellent teaching, research and mobility. The connections that will be created will continue long into the future and strengthen our universities in the global competition.”

Radovan Hudák, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia 

“Technical University of Košice sees the Ulysseus alliance as
a unique opportunity for students, teachers and researchers to open new horizons. They will be able to boost their skills and know-how, benefit from multicultural mobility, get work-related experience and contribute ideas to highimpact research projects. This will shape their paths as European citizens of the future. University staff will find new innovative tools for learning and researching. Students will profit from recognised European degrees that meet the demands of the rapidly changing labour market. Business partners will gain prospective employees with skills specifically tailored to their needs and become more actively involved in the university ecosystem.”

EDITED Nina Finell