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Development of AI-based solutions requires also sparring


Merja Alanko-Turunen

Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Marjo Ruuti


Published : 16.05.2023

The objective of the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme, set by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, is to speed up the introduction of artificial intelligence in Finland. One of the main actions is to utilize knowledge from AI accelerators and to expand and develop their functions. Extensive strategic investments in artificial intelligence as well as RDI investments in knowledge helps to achieve the objective.

The digitalization enables and preconditions remarkable business growth. As the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme’s interim report (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 2020, 20) stated: “The better the company’s digital capabilities are, the more likely it is to grow.”

Roima Intelligence Oy has wide vision of accelerator projects and ability to execute intelligent manufacturing processes, product lifecycle management, execution control and solutions for different needs in order fulfillment and supply chain. Roima aims to enhance its costumers’ production with innovative automation solutions, utilizing digitalization insightfully and constant improvement.

The importance of resource efficiency is emphasized in the modern world

One of the Roima’s costumers, operating in the metal and mining industry, has the emphasis on safety, production and energy efficiency, quality control, and environmental sustainability. The growing importance of resource efficiency and the ability to refine expensive raw materials into high-quality products set high demands for continuous industrial processes and operational practices. Expensive raw materials combined with continuous and long-chain processes highlight the importance of production process planning and process predictability, which are also essential for ensuring production continuity.

The ever-increasing regulation creates mounting pressure to improve energy efficiency and seek solutions to drive environmentally sustainable practices.

Sparring help in big role artificial intelligence accelerator

During the AI-TIE-project, the sparring aid received by Roima and the methods used to structure and consistently evaluate the issues related to the various artificial intelligence projects may reveal a large number of ideas that they are about to develop further. The challenges on the development path have been assessed through, among other things, technical starting points, the availability of data and the customer’s commitment and maturity of operations.

For the end user, the use of other intelligent technologies is not an end, but the benefits are seen as more concrete. The best scenario is that the efficiency increases hand in hand with the level of automation and there is always as comprehensive information as possible for decision making in every situation.

Achieving strategic business benefits

The data already in own products and customer systems has been considered as a valuable starting point. Together with an innovative customer, the purpose of this is to refine the blank to achieve strategic business benefits by creating the ability to detect deviations in the order-delivery chain and predict the realization with the possibilities made possible by artificial intelligence. The customer’s direct goals are efficiency and cost savings as well as increased visibility into operations. As an internal goal, we increase our expertise to serve as many customers as possible with the same solution. The use of artificial intelligence also serves together through brand and image benefits.

Promoting sustainable digitalisation and business cooperation will play an important role in the future. Combining digital expertise extensively with different process and business development expertise is a competitive advantage for the company. It creates the potential for a wider use of digitization in strategic solutions in the future.

Translated from the Finnish by Sari Benford and Petteri Saloranta.


Ministry of Employment and Economy of Finland 2020. Artificial intelligence 4.0 -programme. First interim report: from start-up to implementation. Publications of Ministry of Employment and Economy, companies. 2020:29. Read: 9.3.2022.