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AI Innovation Hub: Multisectoral approach and opportunities for European students

The AI Innovation Hub located at Haaga-Helia, is part of the Ulysseus European Innovation Ecosystem. Our aim is to exploit the emergence of AI innovations in a business education context and in business cooperation.

Published : 10.08.2021

Digital technology is changing lives, businesses and labour markets. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) need to remain relevant in this digital transformation and by implementing digital technologies HEIs could become drivers for innovation, development and growth in their own ecosystems.

How can we create multidimensional impact and thus, transform the lives of European HEI students and staff?

Transformation through AI and ecosystems

In order to answer to these challenges and produce multidimensional impact, the EU commission has proposed policies to transform the HEIs. For example, the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) proposes the development of a high-performing digital education ecosystem to nurture the digital transformation plans for education and training institutions and to boost the usage of Artificial intelligence (AI) and data on education and training.

Moreover, the Universities’ Role in AI Innovation Ecosystems perception survey found that universities’ main role in AI Innovation Ecosystems should be providing relevant skills for the future workforce and serve as a Hub for connecting all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

In order to create the multidimensional impact, universities need to engage on a digital transformation journey to benefit each university and the education sector as a whole. This way, knowledge is transferred to the students and opportunities for innovation are created. Thus, impact is ensured on all levels; the academic, societal and economical.

Ulysseus AI Innovation Ecosystem builds on university-industry cooperation

The six Ulysseus Innovation Hubs represent a multisectoral environment where students have the opportunity to participate in different activities such as:

  • University-industry cooperation through the Living labs, Incubators for spin-offs, and the Research Centre,
  • Joint Master’s and PhD degree programmes, Online courses and MOOCS and
  • Mobility programmes within the six Ulysseus partner universities.

The AI Innovation Hub located at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, is part of the Ulysseus Innovation Ecosystem within the Ulysseus European University structure. At the AI Innovation Hub, we aim to exploit the emergence of AI innovations, such as machine learning, deep learning, robotics, expert systems, natural language processing and data analysis, in a business education context. Also, we encourage students to participate in business cooperation (spin-offs, start-ups and general industry players) as well as to explore models of collaboration within AI business ecosystems and industry (business cases, development of digital service projects, MVPs, etc.).

Come and join us in this journey to transform European students, and to create the much-needed multidimensional impact with our Ulysseus Innovation Ecosystem.

Ulysseus European University and Innovation Hubs:

Artificial Intelligence, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
Digitalisation, Technical University of Košice (Slovakia)
Food, biotechnology and circular economy, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School (Austria)
Tourism, arts and heritage, University of Genoa (Italy)
Ageing and wellbeing, University of Cote D’Azur (France)
Energy, transport, mobility and Smart Cities, University of Sevilla (Spain)