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Sharing City: Sharing is the new buying


Tuija Toivola

Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Published : 30.01.2017

Consumer-to-consumer exchange and trading activities are challenging businesses and business models as we know them. Values have changed especially among young people under the age of 35: ownership is no longer considered trendy. Efficient use of resources, reduction of waste, environmental conservation and need-based consumption are rising models of consumer behaviour.

Haaga-Helia and Arcada University of Applied Sciences are involved in the Sharing City development project, whose aim is to map the benefits of sharing economy for cities and the measures needed to realise these benefits. The project involves close co-operation with the city authorities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

The benefits of sharing economy were investigated in the Sharing City project through case examples and existing research. Well-implemented models of sharing economy could provide clear positive effects from economic, environmental and societal points of view.  Crucial factors include careful consideration of the whole local environment and finding solutions in co-operation with the local administration.

The project was funded by the Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Research Program, a co-operation network for the region’s higher education institutions, city authorities and two ministries.

First published in Haaga-Helia stakeholder magazine Global Signals issue 1/20017.