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Recognizing new trends

It is crucial for companies striving for new business opportunities to constantly keep an eye on emerging trends.


Petri Kähärä

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Teijo Javanainen

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Published : 08.05.2023

Future business opportunities and trends are constantly changing and evolving. Markets are changing rapidly, especially with technology, digitalization, and sustainable development, and companies must adapt to new challenges and opportunities. The most successful companies of the future can anticipate changes and adapt quickly.

Anticipating the future and seizing trends is a vital skill for businesses. These skills and customer-focused development give companies a quick start to being part of future success stories. Here, we have identified four current trends as an example. Are these visible in your company’s operations?

Four current trends to keep an eye on

The data economy is a rising business trend that offers new disruptive business model opportunities. Data has become a critical factor in the success of companies, as it enables decision-making, trend prediction, personalized services, and disruption of traditional industries. The opportunities in the data economy are enormous for start-up entrepreneurs.

Generative AI offers new opportunities for business development and creating new business models in traditional fields. It can be used to create new products and services and produce and develop innovative ideas and creative solutions that are competitive compared to conventional methods. Generative AI offers start-up entrepreneurs new opportunities and helps companies grow faster.

The circular economy allows companies to implement sustainable development principles while creating new business opportunities. Recycling and efficient use of resources reduce environmental impact and save costs.

In the circular economy, there is also the opportunity to develop new products and services based on recycled materials and the use of existing resources. In addition, a circular economy helps to stand out from competitors and can improve a company’s reputation among customers.

Sustainable food systems offer the opportunity for new innovative business models based on environmental considerations and sustainability. Traditional food systems have burdened the environment and negatively impacted animal welfare. Therefore, more and more consumers are looking for alternative solutions, such as plant-based products and proteins, with a smaller carbon footprint.

The growing consumer trend towards plant-based products and proteins opens new growth opportunities for companies focusing on sustainable food systems and environmentally friendly solutions. This enables companies to innovate new production processes and sustainable materials and stand out from competitors. However, the potential of a sustainable food system needs to be adequately utilized to achieve both economic and environmental goals.

Disruption as a driving force to successful businesses in the future

Business disruption refers to a significant change or interruption in the usual way of conducting business operations or delivering products and services. Various factors, including technological advancements, changes in consumer behavior, economic downturns, natural disasters, pandemics, and other unforeseen events, can cause this.

Disruption can affect businesses in various ways, such as changing customer preferences, increasing competition, altering supply chain dynamics, or causing financial losses. However, disruption can also present opportunities for businesses to innovate and adapt to new market conditions. Those that can do so effectively can gain a competitive advantage.

How can you identify an emerging trend? How do you take advantage of the potential and be the business market disruptor? For example, you can familiarize yourself with Sitra’s Megatrends, which extensively present emerging global trends. Other useful sources are, e.g., the EU’s sustainable development goals (The 2030 Agenda), long-term political policies, public debate in the media, and feedback from your customers.

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