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Peer review process
  1. The editor in chief or a selected expert evaluates the proposal and determines if the text is accepted for peer review.
  2. If the text is selected for peer-review, the editorial board will choose 2 to 3 referees for the text. If necessary, the editorial board will ask for author to suggest reviewers.
  3. The text will be sent for peer review. The text will be reviewed within 4 weeks.
  4. The author will receive feedback on the text.
  5. The author will revise the text together with the editor based on the received feedback. At this stage, the content, structure and language will be edited as necessary. The editorial board may also evaluate the text.
  6. If necessary, there might be subsequent rounds of review, where the author and the referee can discuss the text. The final version will be accepted by the editor in chief together with the editorial board.
  7. The editorial board makes the final decision on whether or not the text is published in eSignals Research.
  8. The text is published in eSignals Research.