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Instructions for authors

We recommend writing the publication proposal on a ready-made Word template.

  1. File format: Word Document (.doc and .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  2. Text length: The length of empirical articles is a minimum of 2500 words and a maximum of 5000 words, including bibliography, appendix and summary. Theoretical reviews are a maximum of 3000 words.
  3. Text format: Use Times Roman throughout the text, font size 12, spacing 1,5. Top and bottom margin: 2.5 cm. Paragraphs are separated using an empty line.
  4. Headings: There can be two levels of heading. Main headings are written in bold using larger font size, subheadings are written in bold using regular font size. Headings are followed by an empty line. Headings must be numbered.
  5. Pictures and figures: Figures and tables are submitted in a separate file. Figures and tables are numbered consecutively. The place for each figure and table should be indicated in the text. The author must have a written release permission for all pictures used in the text. Figures, tables and pictures may also be edited if necessary.
  6. Summary: The length should be approximately 200 words. Additionally, the author should list 3-5 keywords.
  7. References and citing sources: Follow APA7 (American Psychological Association) style guide in the manuscript.
  8. Proofreading should be performed for texts before submission.
  9. Initial publication: The author declares that the manuscript has not been published before and it has not been submitted for evaluation or release to other publications.
  10. The author is responsible for ensuring the data usage rights.
  11. Instructions for submitting your paper:
    Enter the web page
    Choose language EN
    Copy this URL-address and enter the web page
  12. If you have any problems in submission, please contact