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Double degree programme in Munich opens new possibilities

Earlier this year, a double degree agreement was established between the Finnish-speaking BBA degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Haaga-Helia and Hochschule München, a German University of Applied Sciences. The double degree programme is an excellent opportunity for the BBA students to broaden their perspective by internationalizing in their chosen field, such as marketing and communications or HR.

Published : 07.10.2022

The students of the Finnish-speaking BBA degree can apply for the double degree programme in autumn 2022, and the first students will travel to Munich in autumn 2023 to study in the partner school for one year (60 ECTS). In Munich, all studies in the programme are conducted in English, and include topics such as entrepreneurship, intercultural studies, and global leadership.

After completing their studies in the host institution as well as in the home institution, students will receive a degree certificate from both Haaga-Helia and Hochschule München. Nonetheless, both degrees consist of 210 ECTS in total, and study time is no longer than 3.5 years.

The agreement is valid both ways, and thus, Haaga-Helia will welcome the first double degree students from Hochschule München in autumn 2023. The aim of the programme is for students to obtain experience of multicultural studying and (business) environments, and strong communication and language skills.

What makes it different from a traditional student exchange within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme is the length and depth of studies; for instance, the double degree programme includes a Bachelor’s thesis written in the host institution which means students from Haaga-Helia will write their thesis in Munich in English and vice versa. However, this means students are not required to write one in their home institution.

Completing a double degree requires motivation, the ability to promptly adapt to different situations and to operate in an unfamiliar environment. The benefits of the programme for the students are various as they will acquire international experience, both personal and professional. Haaga-Helia students will be living in an attractive city in the heart of Europe, and the year spent abroad will surely be one to remember for the rest of their lives. In addition, after their studies, they will have two concrete degree certificates which will certainly give them stronger advantage in the future job market.

The double degree program is fruitful for both universities of applied sciences as it will further enhance the goals for internationalization by creating new partnerships not only among the participating students, but among the staff, too. In Finland, the Ministry of Education and Culture has recommended to double the amount of international mobility in higher education by 2030.

In the Finnish-speaking BBA degree in Haaga-Helia, there is every intention to increase the number of double degree agreements in the future. This will create more possibilities for students to internationalize during their studies, and hence, build confidence for their future endeavours. Ultimately, international experiences help to better understand other cultures and different views, which is beneficial in any business environment and life in general.