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Satellite projects boosting impact

Ulysseus satellite projects provide lecturers, researchers, and students with a distinctive chance to be part of a community that nurtures collaboration and delivers real benefits to all parties involved.


Kitte Marttinen

project director
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

William O’Gorman

AI hub officer, Ulysseus
Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Published : 12.04.2022

Creating impact can be best achieved through collaboration and by cooperating with networks that provide clear results and have a value-added benefit.

For Haaga-Helia the Ulysseus European University is a unique network, an EU collaborative initiative that provides a ready platform to increase impact. The Ulysseus European University is a collaboration of 6 Higher Education Institutes representing a diverse alliance of expertise from throughout the EU.

A common desire among this group is to advance their collaborative activities and a key tool to actively achieve this comes in the form of the Ulysseus Satellite Projects. Under Ulysseus the term “Satellite Projects” is used when describing a project that involves at least two Ulysseus partners in a proposal under Erasmus+ or Horizon Europe and which is in line with the vision and mission of Ulysseus.

Advancing synergies

Satellite Projects aim to create long-lasting synergies between partners, develop high quality collaborative education, research and innovation, and advance mobility activities. In addition, they form a key component in advancing the sustainability of the European University initiative.

Satellite Projects form an integral role within the Ulysseus strategy for integrating research results into education. Specific competitive and transdisciplinary projects will enable the development of several challenge-linked educational and training programmes in the Erasmus + and Horizon Europe frameworks.

Satellite Projects offer an established process for those lecturers and researchers who are interested in developing an EU project or looking for a means to advance the impact of their research. Under this structure, projects are required to aid in the development of solutions linked to the Innovation Hubs (YouTube) thematic areas and contribute to achieving the 5 European challenges as defined under Ulysseus.

Commitment and collaboration for real benefits

All Ulysseus partners are committed to cooperating in creating high quality Satellite Projects and in further building a trustworthy network that has a strong working relationship between lecturers, researchers, and students in each institution.

Ulysseus Digital Soft Skills is an example of a Satellite Project funded under Erasmus+ and coordinated in Haaga-Helia by Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto. The project seeks to equip all learners with digital transversal skills to live, work, learn and thrive in a world increasingly mediated by digital technologies, using digital technologies and Open Badges for the recognition and validation of these skills.

All project partners are very committed to cooperating and everything has gone smoothly in practice. The project has opened up new horizons in the field of digital soft skills as there are partners from six universities. It has meant fruitful discussion and development together.

Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto

Structured involvement results in long-lasting impact

The bar for the application of satellite projects has been set high under Ulysseus with 22 Horizon Europe and 14 Erasmus+ applications anticipated in the first 3 years of the initiative.

At the moment there have been 11 Erasmus+ projects submitted and 4 under Horizon Europe so there is still plenty of opportunities to take part in future projects.

Satellite projects provide participants with a distinctive chance to be part of a community that has been established to nurture collaboration and deliver real benefits to all parties involved. It is this sense of involvement and participation that is crucial in developing networks whose results can truly benefit our society and lead to long-lasting impact.

To enquire about taking part in the Ulysseus Satellite Project process, please contact the AI Innovation Hub Officer William O’Gorman (