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Celebrating success at workplace

The simple act of acknowledging a job well done and celebrating together contributes to everything from improved employee happiness to work culture.

Published : 16.02.2021

As a research specialist working at a higher education institution, one of my main responsibilities is to help in-house staff in the preparation of their project applications. These applications are meant for seeking funding from national and international funding agencies.

Writing a project application is a time consuming and difficult job. Thus, receiving a notification email stating that the project was approved, always gives me immense joy and happiness. Who does not love to get an approval email? ‍

However, celebrating success in the workplace is often overlooked. In our busy day, it is typical to place focus on the next task and forget to reflect on what has been achieved.

It is important to stop and let everyone that contributed to success know how their work is valued. We all feel joy at the sense of achievement and to share that with all team members bonds the team and benefits everyone. Thus, it is important to take the time to thank people when the job is well done and show them that their reliability and perseverance is not taken for granted. For example, a nice email to the individual can go a long way. A nice email to the whole group praising their success can go even further.

Some studies indicate that a great way to show appreciation is to celebrate a job well done. Celebrations boost morale, strengthen teams, help employees form connections and increase employee engagement. This further contributes to job satisfaction, productivity, overall performance and makes work a much happier place.

Based on my experience, celebrating success helps to focus the team on the positive. Celebration breeds more success. It reminds everyone in the team of why it is great to be part of this team. Keeping the momentum going and pushing forward is important. I have also felt that such events enable the team to learn more about each other and what makes us tick. Celebration is time to relax and enjoy the warm feeling of togetherness and success.

Celebrating success within an organisation is not just about popping champagne every time someone gets funding for their project. It is about creating a culture that brings out the best in people and in which they feel valued. Employees expect work to be inspiring and enjoyable. ‍It is seldom the financial bonus one is after but rather the desire for recognition and acknowledgement. If organisations ignore to celebrate the wins, they will miss a vital opportunity not only to inspire but also to strengthen their own leadership in the process.

Overall, most accomplishments in the workplace are a group success. My personal view is, that the simple act of acknowledging a job well done and celebrating together contributes to everything from improved employee happiness to work culture. Making it a habit to celebrate success both big and small is important. Thus, my question to you is: how often do you celebrate your successes at work?