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Satu Koivisto

Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Published : 03.06.2019

At Haaga-Helia, we are actively conducting research for better future work life. As a strongly business-oriented university of applied sciences, our R&D work is applied at its core. It aims at developing work life and regional business, innovation and economic structure at a very practical level. It also serves our teaching and this way builds future-proof society.


Six core R&D areas


Our R&D endeavors focus on six core areas, that is, value through sales, service innovations, entrepreneurship, business development, digital & creative solutions, and transformative pedagogy.

We are running several R&D projects in these six core areas. One of our projects accelerates Internet of Things (IoT) product development, while another one provides novel opportunities for start-ups to grow and succeed. One project enhances companies’ capabilities to identify new local and international B2B opportunities and another one develops tools for self-organizing organizations and teams to flourish. In addition to these, there are many other interesting and topical projects going on – please take a closer look on our web pages.

We have created platforms and labs to support our R&D activities. Sales Lab utilizes latest technology for developing multi-channel sales, customer encounters, or team interactions. eComLab provides a platform for developing online stores´ customer experience, sales and internationalization. Lab8 offers possibilities for fast prototyping and service design for example with the help of augmented reality. Further, there is StartUp School, a platform for entrepreneurs and 3D Lab, a lab for 3D printing.


Bringing work life organizations and research partners together


At Haaga-Helia, we work in networks and actively build networks of organizations around our core R&D areas. We collaborate particularly with SMEs, but also with larger companies, micro companies, public organizations, communities and the third sector. In addition, we work with different kinds or research organizations, universities, colleges and universities of applied science both nationally and internationally.

We carry our R&D projects in close collaboration with other stakeholders to ensure that together our experts and the functioning network is able to offer best possible value for all involved.


Collaboration creates value


We want to make an impact with our R&D.  For various work life organizations, we provide solutions, knowledge and competencies. We find solutions for current but also for predicted future challenges. Our R&D projects open doors for growth and innovation. We help organizations to be future-proof.

Collaboration in networks of different research organizations is one of our core values. We also want to offer unique value for our research partners both in Finland and abroad.

For various research organizations, Haaga-Helia can offer its expertise in our six core competence areas, functioning relationships to companies, access to data and innovation network and platform that consists of both work life organizations, different research organizations as well as students. In addition, our labs offer unique setting and technology that benefit different kinds of research frameworks. We at Haaga-Helia take an applied and hands-on view to research.


Join our network!


If you are interested in joining our network and starting a new R&D collaboration please contact us.