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Choosing entrepreneurship after higher education is a great idea

Entrepreneurship is surely demanding, but an education helps to prepare for and invest in the future we want to create for ourselves.


Anu Sipilä

asiantuntija, tutkimuspalvelut
Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Published : 01.02.2021

Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference (HHBIC) focused among other topics, on research in entrepreneurial learning in higher education. This inspired us to reflect on the reasons why choosing entrepreneurship after higher education might make sense.

A later journey can be more successful

Many successful entrepreneurs have started in their twenties like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Miki Kuusela (Wolt) but studies verify that the founder’s age is not a deciding factor in a company’s success.

Studies show that those who start their entrepreneurial journey later in life have a better chance of success. Research also show that if you are over 55 years old, you are twice as likely to launch a successful start-up than if you were under 35.

At a later stage in life we have developed a more realistic understanding of our own strengths and personal goals.

Better understanding of high performing teams

Understanding how people work is a tremendous talent that will be of help on the entrepreneurial journey.

High performing teams can stay focused on their goals and thus achieve superior business results. The understanding of how to build high performing and complete teams, comes with a better understanding of life and people.

Access to networks and experience

As most of us have been working since graduation and most likely switched jobs a few times, we have met more people. This has given us the possibility to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits. We have had time to build functional networks.

The people we have met along the journey can be useful in our own specific plan as a partner, investor, mentor, designer or even as a potential client.

Understanding motivation factors

Through education and work, we get to know different sides of ourselves as well as our drivers and motivators.

Work motivation is to a certain extent personal, and effective self-motivation is one of the main things that distinguishes high-achieving professionals. A person who is intrinsically motivated feels that the work itself is motivating – especially the challenge and the enjoyment of it. Inner passion leads to creativity, learning and better performance.

Entrepreneurship is surely tough and demanding, but an education helps to prepare for it. Studies at Haaga-Helia and other higher educational institutions can help us invest in ourselves and in the future we want to create for ourselves as entrepreneurs.