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Strengthening responsible business

The SuFi project resulted in the Sustainability in Finance course (15 etc) that has been rooted to the learning platforms of all participating vocational education and training partners.


Jani Siirilä

yliopettaja, vaikuttava ammatillinen pedagogiikka
principal lecturer, engaging vocational pedagogy
Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Eeva-Kaisa Haavisto

TKI-koordinaattori, vaikuttava ammatillinen pedagogiikka
RDI coordinator, engaging vocational pedagogy
Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu


Published : 15.05.2023

Sustainability in Finance, the SuFi-project, brought together finance educators, Vocational Education and Training (VET) students and teachers, and actors from the finance sector within the Central Baltic region. The aim was to

  • match employment demand
  • enhance competitiveness, work opportunities and mobility
  • enhance new required competences among business graduates

The project resulted in a Sustainability in Finance course (15 etc) consisting of three modules: Sustainable development and climate change (5 ects), Sustainable finance (5 ects) and Future megatrends and vocational competences (5 ects).

Baltic Region finance sector’s look on sustainability competencies

During the project, a survey was implemented within the finance sector in Finland, Latvia, Estonia, and Åland Islands (total 221 responses). According to the survey, the top three sustainable finance competencies are

  1. to understand relevant driving sustainable forces
  2. to think and operate with a long-term perspective
  3. to communicate sustainable financial information in a meaningful way

Thus, in the Baltic Region’s finance sector, there is a need for understanding both a more holistic view of the market as part of society as a whole, and also the meaning of long-term horizons. The competencies that the financial sector respondents found important for vocational business graduates in future work were used as an input when planning the core content and learning outcomes for modules.

Sustainability in Finance online

The online Sustainability in Finance course was developed and piloted during the SuFi project. It provided new tools and ways to cooperate with different educational institutions and students with heterogeneous backgrounds. An online course can serve as a practical example of teaching/learning initiatives for a more comprehensive implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, with the focus on VET key competences in the field of business education.

The modules piloted in the project were very popular and have found their way into a degree program. The course was piloted two times during the project and total 416 students participated. The module Sustainable Finance is offered as a part of studies in Responsible Business at Haaga-Helia. The whole course will be an open UAS course offering next year.

Welcome to world of Responsible Business

The SuFi project mainstreamed sustainability issues in business education for VET. Every information gained has been shared through the project website, publications, and newsletters to stakeholders through the SuFi project’s communication channels and identified events. The project has published students´ master theses and scientific articles.

You can take a closer look at the Sustainable in Finance course in Moodle.


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Haaga-Helia coordinated the Interreg Central Baltic funded Sustainability in Finance (SuFi) project during 2020-2022. Project partners were Liepajas State Technical School, Tartu Vocational College, University of Latvia, University of Tartu and Åland University of Applied Sciences. Associated Partners were Bank of Åland, Finance in Finland and Finance Latvia Association.

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