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FAIR provides a multitude of AI-related services

The Finnish AI Region (FAIR) is a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) that provides artificial intelligence related trainings, services, advice on funding and networking events for SMEs. Haaga-Helia is one of the academic partners providing expert services in FAIR.


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Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Published : 19.12.2023

JUSTICE4.0 is a Helsinki-based start-up company that aims to make high quality legal advice accessible for a larger public. Currently, it builds an AI-based, intelligent virtual agent, that can assist in solving common legal disputes such as housing disputes. This early-phase startup applied to become a FAIR customer among the first SMEs in spring 2023.

FAIR has 12 organizations that offer expert services to SMEs and Haaga-Helia is one of them. Upon entering customership in FAIR, each company is assigned a customer manager who is responsible for selecting the appropriate services for the company and for their implementation. Haaga-Helia is the customer manager for JUSTICE4.0.

The service offering of FAIR is impressive

The path of every potential FAIR customer starts by filling in the application on the web pages. This leads to the assessment of its digital maturity and an analysis of its AI related needs. If the company is selected, it will be assigned a customer manager.

The customer manager supervises and assists the customer throughout its entire customer journey, which typically lasts 2 – 3 years. The first task is to ensure that the customer is provided with the services initially suggested by the needs analysis. Thereafter, the customer manager may suggest additional FAIR services. In any case, the digital maturity assessment is done again to the customer to monitor and ensure the impact of FAIR on the uptake of AI-related technologies in the company.

Advisory sessions, a thesis and a proof-of-concept delivered by Haaga-Helia

JUSTICE4.0 has been given advice on how to use AI technologies such as machine learning, knowledge bases and cognitive services offered by the major international cloud service providers. This advice was given to the company in two advisory sessions given by AI experts at Haaga-Helia.Based on the sessions, an advisory report with detailed recommendations was created and delivered to the company.

Currently, a proof-of-concept illustrating a conversational agent for the legal domain, is being created for JUSTICE4.0. A thesis work on defining the user requirements of a virtual agent for solving disputes in the domain of housing is also planned.

JUSTICE4.0 receives a multitude of services from Haaga-Helia, but also Haaga-Helia and its students profit from the close collaboration with the company. The thesis student gets a company to commission the thesis and may thus contribute to solving a real-world challenge. Students and courses are also involved in creating the proof-of-concept. The AI experts and the customer manager at Haaga-Helia see collaboration with JUSTICE4.0 as an opportunity to contribute to the growth of a AI start-up.

Excitement of starting the journey with FAIR

JUSTICE4.0 regards its customership in the FAIR EDIH program as a great privilege. The vision shared at JUSTICE4.0 is of a world where accessing justice is as easy as 1,2,3. The start-up is on a mission to make access to justice easy and meaningful through the use of user-centric design and technology. The ground-breaking solutions of JUSTICE4.0 are not always understood by everyone, but that is just what makes the company special.

To date JUSTICE4.0 has been showered with support and guidance provided by the FAIR team at Haaga-Helia. It has been paired with a team of experts at Haaga-Helia that not only understands the challenges of the start-up but also sees their vision and believes in their mission. The team at Haaga-Helia is a one-of-a-kind team, always providing knowledge and motivation to the company.

Editing: Marianne Wegmüller

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