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Haaga-Helia in the forefront of Finland’s AI revolution: pioneering digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at lightspeed. In the realm of applied science, it is not merely a concept, but an active agent driving the development of Finnish society. In addition to creating new science on different elements of AI, Haaga-Helia is also supporting organizations utilize it to develop new business and service solutions.


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Published : 21.11.2023

Artificial Intelligence has advanced significantly, and in addition to tapping into this new force in the realms of educational development, Haaga-Helia has created substantial capabilities to support businesses in the utilization of this new technology. This has manifested into multiple development projects with regional organizations, as well as in increasing Haaga-Helia’s effectiveness by leveraging its central role in two European Commission’s flagship initiatives.

In the heart of European flagship initiatives

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are European Commission’s flagship initiatives, acting as innovation centers for digital competitiveness and renewal. As a key member in the Finnish AI Region FAIR, the new EDIH center in Finland, Haaga-Helia is supporting companies in increasing their AI cababilities and accelerating their journey into the digital future.

With the help of FAIR’s massive resources, ranging from 60 AI professors to Europe’s fastest supercomputer LUMI, Haaga-Helia supports companies with tailored roadmaps and individual advisory, with which we boost them into their future.

Ulysseus European University is another European Commission flagship initiative, revolutionizing the world of European Higher Education. Haaga-Helia is transforming the way AI is embedded in both curricula development and educational activities. This network of eight top European universities is a testament to the ambitious vision that they share in investing into world-leading education and research. Within Ulysseus, Haaga-Helia has a crucial role in providing AI expertise in process development, as well as in creating new Bachelor and Master level courses for students around the world.

Both of these initiatives represent the commitment of Finland and its European partners to lead in the realms of digital innovation and educational excellence. Haaga-Helia is a key player in these efforts, bridging the gap between digital technology advancements and educational transformation.

New business development for products and services

Haaga-Helia conducts research on key elements of digital development and shares this information for companies and societies to utilize. Often this research is conducted in development projects, which aim to create new solutions to ultimately help a wide range of audiences. With Haaga-Helia’s support, they are developed in a user centric manner and in collaboration with different stakeholders, to make sure that the development projects truly answer to relevant questions.

An incremental element of applied research is piloting and testing the solutions. This is something where Haaga-Helia brings high value to individual companies, stakeholders and developers, providing both professional support and testing facilities in the process. By piloting and testing different types of products, services, and/or digital solutions, it is possible to make sure that the development is viable and serves on point.

Moreover, Haaga-Helia plays a vital role in adding an element of thorough ethical review, ensuring that AI technologies adhere to ethical standards and societal norms. By piloting and testing various solutions, Haaga-Helia seeks to ensure that the ethically responsible as well as beneficial.

During and after the development process, it is very important for Haaga-Helia to disseminate the findings, and share results and key takeaways from the projects. This is conducted through rigorous and active communication, including producing peer-reviewed journal articles to bring new elements in the scientific discussion, as well as providing hands-on solutions in the form of handbooks, manuscripts and other publications.

With these activities, Finland is not just keeping pace with the AI revolution, but also actively shaping its trajectory. It has become a forerunner of innovation, demonstrating that AI can be the key element in creating new growth.

Solutions for businesses and societies

Haaga-Helia’s AI projects focus on four main themes.

  1. User perspective, where RDI activities deal with human-AI interaction and desing projects.
  2. Educational and business perspective, where key focus lies in value co-creation definition and innovation with AI.
  3. Technologocal perspective, where Haaga-Helia’s AI-researchers and lecturers conduct data analytics and algorithm testing and development tasks.
  4. Management perspective of AI, where ethics, trustworthiness, privacy, regulation and AI governance types of issues are researched and developed

Find out about different projects Haaga-Helia is conducting to support societies and businesses in pioneering the digital transformation, and developing new products and AI-based solutions by watching the video Haaga-Helia – Fast-forwarding SMEs’ ability to utilize Artificial Intelligence.

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Editing: Marianne Wegmüller

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