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Artificial Intelligence aiding HR in knowledge-based organizations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasing part of our everyday work and life. Both professionals and organizations are looking for ways to integrate AI and to support people’s work and organizational processes.


Anna Lahtinen

vanhempi tutkija, Senior Researcher
Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Published : 07.02.2023

The human resources (HR) function is one of the key support functions in organizations. To the date, AI capabilities in application to HR processes are still underutilized, but with much untapped potential.

AI strengthens the strategic role of HR

The intersection of AI and HR has not been largely addressed, but the angle is valuable in searching for connections between the two and discovering how AI capabilities can support the HR function and strengthen its strategic role in knowledge-based organizations.

For organizations to be ready for the AI disruption, they are required to upskill and reskill their people. This, in turn, has a notable impact on an organization’s Learning & Development team. It needs to ensure that the organization is truly ready to embrace the change and that employees are open to and not fearful of the changes.

AI starts with people

In exploring the possibilities offered by AI solutions, data is the key. It is important for organizations to ensure that their data overall is in good shape and can be utilized. There are HR-specific issues connected to the data, one of which is sensitivity, GDPR and protecting personal information of individuals. Another element is the observation that HR professionals experience the understanding of AI and data as foreign and not as their strong side, due to the inherently people centred nature of their work.

The change and the adoption of new technologies, such as AI, in organizations starts with people. Further encouragement of HR community and HR professionals is needed, for them to discover the world of AI and data and be open to exploring the opportunities that they bring. By doing so, any HR professional will gain leverage in the hectic job market and gain a strong competitive advantage for themselves as future HR experts and for their organizations as digitalisation forerunners.

Read more on the subject in Ita Petrika-Lindroos master’s thesis Unlocking the power of AI in HR: how Artificial Intelligence can elevate the HR strategy in knowledge-based organizations, 2022 at Haaga-Helia.