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Instructions for authors

eSignals Pro publishes articles on research written by experts The articles are aimed at professional communities that apply the knowledge in their practical work. The articles present research and development work, project results, stakeholder cooperation and experiences from the field of education. We publish articles on topics such as sales, service business development, entrepreneurship and higher education pedagogy.

  • The recommended length for an article is 2 000–4 000 words.
  • Maximum of two heading levels (one main title and two sub-titles).
  • The article can be written in Finnish or English.

Publication criteria

Articles published in eSignals Pro increase publication points in universities of applied sciences and the number is annually reported to the collection of data publication of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Publications that have been published in eSignals Pro can be reported to the publication data collection if they meet the following criteria:

  • The publication has been accepted by editorial board of eSignals Pro.
  • The publication has not been previously published in a format which can be reported in the data collection system.
  • The publication’s author has a contract of employment with the organisation at the time of publication.
  • The publication is connected to the author’s work and is based on research or expert activities carried out by the author in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.
  • The publication provides new information. It may be new information based on research or a new idea, approach, finding, inference or other.

These publication criteria are based on the instructions by the Ministry of Education.

The articles are based on the expertise of the authors and on the work they do at Haaga-Helia. The articles provide new information that has not been published in this form before. eSignals Pro only publishes manuscripts that have not been previously published or submitted for review or publication in another publication. The author is responsible for ensuring that this criterion is met. The articles do not have to be based on original research and they are not peer-reviewed.

The IMRD structure (introduction, methods, results, discussion) is recommended for research articles. As a rule, published research articles should have a clear research arrangement and material. A research-based approach is the main focus, and the author uses supporting sources to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the relevant context and knowledge base.

Expert articles can be, for example, reviews of developments in their own field or news about projects. It is also advisable to use source references in expert articles. Sources can provide background to the issues raised in the article, and serve as a ‘discussion partner’ for the author. Their role is therefore slightly different to that of the research article.

The publication type for articles is D1 (Ministry of Education and Culture’s publication types). eSignals Pro does not publish conference abstracts, extended abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, podcasts or videos.

There can be one or more authors, and authors can also be from organisations outside Haaga-Helia It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that he/she has the rights to all material used.

Publication process

  • The author sends a proposal for publication to
  • The eSignals Pro editorial board comments on the publication proposal from the following perspectives:
    • the suitability of the content for eSignals Pro
    • the quality of the content
    • the quality of the communication
  • Once the publication proposal has been approved by the editorial board, the author and the eSignals Pro editorial team work together with the author(s) to get the text ready for publication. If necessary, the editing work includes editing the language, structure, headings, any illustrations, figures and tables used in the text. Please allow 1–2 weeks for editing.
  • Before publication, a publishing agreement is drawn up with authors external to Haaga-Helia.
  • The text is published in eSignals Pro.
  • The author enters the information in the JUSTUS system from where it is transferred to the data collection system of the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is sufficient for one of the authors of the publication to record this information.


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